Purging fringe groups will not help Labour unite its factions

What on earth will be achieved by a purge of four insignificant far-left groups barely known to most members of the Labour party (Keir Starmer expected to back purge of far-left Labour factions, 18 mes de julio)? It can only add grist to the mill of those who perceive a campaign to drive out former Jeremy Corbyn supporters. Political energy would be more profitably expended if it was put into efforts to bring the socialist and social democratic tendencies in the Labour party together behind a practical programme for government that all could support.

Purging a few fringe groups is a distraction from this much more urgent task.
David Parker
Meltham, West Yorkshire

A Labour spokesperson, responding to questions about the proposed purge of Labour left groups, is quoted as saying: “Labour is a broad, welcoming and democratic party and we are committed to ensuring it stays that way.” I have left the Labour party after 40 años, as it had ceased to be broad, welcoming or democratic. Under the current leadership, Labour has lost its soul and its core purpose of opposing the Tories and achieving social, economic and climate justice. For those on the left, now feeling alienated by Keir Starmer’s regime, the wider socialist movement is organising and we welcome you.

Labour currently works, as Tom Nairn described in his work The Break-Up of Britain, for a “two-party equilibrium”. Those of us on the left are upsetting that equilibrium in offering another choice, liberation from Westminster control and true democratic socialism.
Thelma Walker
Labour MP for Colne Valley, 2017-2019

Following Tuesday’s national executive committee meeting, a large number of fine people with honesty and integrity will be expelled from Labour by the end of this week. And there now appears to be nothing half a million members can do about this.

As a party activist I am sickened by what has happened. The time has come for a sea change in real left politics; for it to wrench itself free from the dead hand of reformist moderate liberals. It only takes a moment for 300,000 members to show that they are “the many”.
Bruce Whitehead
Trades union officer, Edinburgh Western CLP




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