Prog rockers sussed out Boris Johnson years ago

Let me get this right: lockdown was damaging the economy through the restrictions imposed on trade and commerce. So “freedom” is declared. But the accompanying upsurge of the Johnson variant and increase in infections, and ensuing “pingdemic”, brings the economy to its knees (Supermarkets struggle to stock shelves as ‘pingdemic’ havoc spreads, 21 mes de julio). Something wrong there, seguramente?
David Walker

I always greatly enjoy reading Aditya Chakrabortty and I was delighted to discover a new phrase: “coprophagic cynicism” (After Covid, the climate crisis will be the next thing the right says we ‘just have to live with’, 22 mes de julio). I intend to use it in conversation as soon as possible and I do not expect to wait long.
Stuart McPhillips
Garstang, Lancashire

Further to Pink Floyd’s appearance in the letters page, may I suggest that Genesis had Boris sussed in 1971 en The Knife: “Some of you are going to die / Martyrs, por supuesto, to the freedom I will provide.”
Keith Montgomery

“The UK has launched an audacious bid to rewrite a key plank of the Brexit deal,” an article stated (21 mes de julio). Strikes me that there was only one plank in the entire Brexit deal and he needs more than rewriting.
Pat Cole
Rugby, Warwickshire

My sister gave up dictating the correct spelling of her name, after receiving mail addressed to “Anne with an e Carrick” (Letras, 21 mes de julio).
Sue Robins
Ilkley, West Yorkshire




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