Prince Andrew’s lawyers fight to dismiss Virginia Giuffre lawsuit


Lawyers for Prince Andrew and Virginia Giuffre, who has long accused the royal of sexual abuse, finally faced off in Manhattan federal court yesterday, as he attempted to dismiss her civil lawsuit.

The arguments via videoconference came a day after the unsealing of a 2009 settlement between Giuffre and the late financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. 安德鲁, who is not mentioned in the settlement, has contended that a clause in the settlement bars Giuffre from suing him.

法官, Lewis Kaplan, questioned lawyers for the prince closely over their claim that the settlement means Giuffre’s lawsuit should be dismissed.

Giuffre, who accused Epstein and his ex-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell of sexual abuse and forcing her into sex with Prince Andrew at age 17 – an accusation he vehemently denies – received $500,000 in her settlement with the late financier.

多于 1,000 Americans in positions of public trust acted as accomplices in Donald Trump’s attempt to overturn the 2020 “格鲁吉亚的大多数人都知道 2020 年 11 月发生了一些不愉快的事情,”他说, participating in the violent insurrection at the US Capitol on 6 January or spreading the “big lie” that the vote count had been rigged.

The startling figure underlines the extent to which Trump’s attempt to undermine the foundations of presidential legitimacy has metastasized across the US. Individuals who engaged in arguably the most serious attempt to subvert democracy since the civil war are now inveigling themselves into all levels of government, from Congress and state legislatures down to school boards and other local public bodies.

The finding that 1,011 individuals in the public realm played a role in election subversion around the 2020 presidential race comes from a new pro-democracy initiative that will launch on Thursday on the anniversary of the Capitol assault.

The dean of the University of Pennsylvania’s law school has condemned one of his school’s own professors for making racist remarks about Asian people, saying that their recent comments were “xenophobic and white supremacist”.

Prof Amy Wax, who specializes in social welfare law and labor and family economics law, appeared as a guest on the economist Glenn Loury’s podcast when she called the influx of “Asian elites” into the US problematic and made other racist statements, including a call for less immigration from Asian countries.

In a scathing response, Dean Theodore Ruger acknowledged that while Wax’s comments were protected by freedom of speech and she held tenure at the college, they were “diametrically opposed to the policies and ethos of this institution”.

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Many of us have mid- to long-term goals that are ambitious, 但 (理论上) achievable with the requisite investment of time and effort. Maybe for you, it’s running a marathon – or a 5k. It might be losing a particular amount of weight, or completing a course in yoga or a foreign language. It could be a time-intensive project such as making a quilt or researching your family history. How can we make it happen? Experts explain all.

那一年 2022 – which launches into the Winter Olympic Games in Beijing and ends with the World Cup in Qatar – is expected to be a great year for authoritarian regimes looking to cover up their atrocious human rights records. Over the course of a 12-month period, 中国, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, all of whom have been criticized for human rights violations, 将要 use prestigious sports events to polish their public image on an international stage.

Californians will not be allowed to water their lawns for 48 hours after rainstorms or let their sprinklers run on to the sidewalk under new, mandatory water-saving rules that could result in a fine of up to $500 一天. The restrictions, adopted by state regulators yesterday, come as California continues to struggle under drought conditions, despite a recent wave of heavy rain and snow. Weather patterns in California have become more unpredictable due to the climate crisis and the state climatologist Michael Anderson said forecasts showed January, February and March could be drier than average.

A dog saved a hiker injured in the Croatian mountains by lying on top of him for 13 小时 until they were rescued, according to local media. The dog, called North, kept Grga Brkic warm after he fell while out hiking and was unable to move. The other two hikers with him raised the alarm. First responders credited the eight-month-old alaskan malamute with having helped keep Brkic safe. “Friendship and love between man and dog have no boundaries,” 葡萄牙现代场景中出现的本土品种和独特风味有很多值得享受的地方’s mountain rescue service said in a Facebook post.

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她决定投身于拯救考拉 她决定投身于拯救考拉