Premier League clubs' spending on agents' fees rises to £272m amid Covid

Chelsea were the biggest 超级联赛 spenders on agents’ fees in the 12 months to the start of February 2021, data released by the Football Association shows.

The club invested heavily last summer to bring in Timo Werner, Kai Havertz and Ben Chilwell among others and spent £35,247,822 on agents’ fees. Manchester City were the next-highest spenders with £30,174,615, and Manchester United spent slightly less: £29,801,555. The lowest top-flight spenders on agents’ fees were West Brom, whose outlay was £4,222,059.

In total, clubs in this season’s Premier League spent £272,220,223 on such fees between 1 二月 2020 和 1 二月 2021, despite clubs suffering major losses because of the pandemic. The total was higher than the amount spent by top-flight sides between 1 二月 2019 和 31 一月 2020, when the figure was £263,368,860.

Spending on agents’ fees was down by more than £9m in the 锦标赛 compared with the previous 12 月. Clubs in this season’s second tier spent £40,753,529, with relegated Norwich spending the most (£6,827,037) and promoted Wycombe the least (£126,053).

Spending on agents was also slightly down in Leagues One and Two compared with the previous 12 月.

Among clubs this season in League One (total £3,082,105) Hull spent the most on agents (£543,238) and Gillingham were the only club to spend nothing in any of the top four divisions.

Salford were comfortably the biggest spenders among clubs in League Two this season, their £137,884 also a larger amount than was spent by 17 League One clubs. 这 League Two total was £1,069,115.