Police officer sacked after telling ex-partner: 'I will smash your face in'

A police officer who was abusive and violent towards a former partner has been sacked for gross misconduct.

PC Amarjit Dhallu, who worked with vulnerable children, was dismissed from 肯特郡 police following a hearing in which it was alleged he had strangled the woman, who was referred to only as Miss A, and hit her with a belt.

Giving evidence, the woman said: “Amarjit’s fuse is extremely short.”

Dhallu was also caught on a 999 phone call telling Miss A: “I will smash your fucking face in.”

Matthew Holdcroft, who brought the case on behalf of the police force, 说: “This matter is a matter of national significance, there is extensive media concern about domestic violence and police officers. There has been physical and psychological harm to Miss A.”

After a disciplinary panel found against Dhallu, Holdcroft said: “He could not be operationally deployed, he could not be used in front line proceedings, he could not continue in the role he was in working with vulnerable children.

“One can only imagine how a victim of domestic violence would feel if PC Dhallu was the officer allocated to their claim.”

Dhallu’s dismissal comes as the spotlight turns on allegations abuse of women by police. Last week there was anger after an off-duty West Midlands police officer, Oliver Banfield, was spared jail despite being convicted of attacking a women walking home alone. On Monday Banfield resigned from the force.

A Kent police spokesman said steps were taken to ensure Miss A was protected from further harm after the abuse was first reported in 2019.

The chair of Dhallu’s discipinary hearing, Claire Fraser, 说: “The panel concluded the breach of standards of professional behaviour has been proved to be so serious as to justify dismissal and thus amounts to gross misconduct.

“Public confidence in the service and upholding its collective reputation would not be achieved by any other outcome.”

Tim Smith, deputy chief constable, 说: “For PC Dhallu to have continued in his role following the allegations made would have brought discredit to the wider service and undermined the confidence that people have in Kent 警察.

“It is entirely right that this officer has been held to account and, in addition to his instant dismissal, he will be placed on the list of people barred from employment in policing.

“I hope this reassures the public that Kent police take a robust stance against perpetrators of violence, regardless of their occupation.”