Pitting bands against each other won’t help the music industry fight climate change

I am writing as the CEO of LIVE, the trade body for the UK’s live music industry, to express my disappointment in the headline and tone of your article (Dear Coldplay, listen to Massive Attack and save yourselves from greenwashing, 11 Mei).

As it sets out, decarbonising live music is a vital but daunting task. The sector has made significant progress over recent years. The article notes that Coldplay’s tour would generate 50% lower emissions than the last and called the band’s efforts “an admirable step down the path to zero-emissions music”. Why then, does it take such a swipe at an industry that is, while by no means perfect, putting its shoulder to the wheel of environmental progress? If perfect is the enemy of good, then we are left in a position that can, all too often, lead to paralysis.

While all solutions deserve proper scrutiny, we need to create a culture of supporting artists to speak out on climate issues, rather than seeking to pit bands against one another.

On this issue, more than any other, we are all in this together.
Jon Collins
hoof uitvoerende beampte, LIVE (Live music Industry Venues & Entertainment)

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