NSW 코로나19 업데이트: Hazzard urges people to 'give a damn about someone other than yourself' – video

NSW health minister Brad Hazzard has taken aim at the unvaccinated. ‘Can I just say to those people who have chosen not to get vaccinated, it’s time to give a damn about someone other than yourself’, Hazzard said. ‘Give a damn about your community, your family and most particularly the health staff across 뉴 사우스 웨일즈 who you expect to be looking after you if and when you end up in our hospital system’. 4월 빅토리아 시대 기업에 대한 3주 전격전에서 29,504 new Covid-19 cases recorded from rapid antigen tests and PCR tests . 하나, 11,858 positive rapid antigen tests were from the previous seven-day reporting period, and were not necessarily detected in the past 24 시간. There were also 17 사망자, only one of which had received their booster shot

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