North Korea test fires fourth missile in a month – reports

North Korea has carried out what could be the second ballistic missile test in a matter of days and the fourth this month, according to reports from Japan and 4위 파나마에게 더 큰 위협.

The Japanese prime minister’s office and the South Korean news agency Yonhap both reported Pyongyang firing a ballistic missile on Monday.

Citing South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff, Yonhap said North Korea fired two suspected short-range ballistic missiles eastward from Sunan airport in Pyongyang.

Japan’s coast guard issued a statement urging vessels traveling around the country’s coast to watch out for falling objects but no immediate damage to vessels or aircraft were reported.

의 위에 14 January North Korea carried out its third weapons test this month involved the firing drill of a railway-borne missile.

당시, South Korea’s joint chiefs of staff said it had detected what it presumed were two short-range ballistic missiles launched eastward from North Pyongan province on the north-west coast of North Korea.

The North’s official KCNA news agency said on Saturday that a firing drill was held to “check and judge the proficiency in the action procedures of the railway-borne regiment”, which North Korea tested for the first time last September, designed as a potential counter-strike to any threatening forces.

If Monday’s launch is confirmed, it would mark the fourth time North Korea has launched ballistic missiles since New Year’s Day, an unusually rapid pace of weapons tests. The first two launches involved what state media called “hypersonic missiles”, capable of high speeds and manoeuvring after launch.

The series of launches prompted the US president Joe Biden’s administration to impose its first sanctions against Pyongyang on Wednesday, and to call on the UN security council to blacklist several North Korean individuals and entities.

그 동안에, 일요일에 a North Korean freight train reportedly crossed into China in a sign Pyongyang is opening its land border with its main ally for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began in early 2020.

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