Nineteen men in Bradford arrested in child sexual exploitation case

Nineteen men have been arrested in an investigation into the child sexual exploitation of a woman in Bradford, dating back 20 anni.

Gli uomini, aged between 36 e 55, were held on suspicion of offences dating between 2000 e 2005 against a single alleged victim.

The men were arrested on suspicion of rape, sexual assault and indecent assault.

West Yorkshire police said the men had all been interviewed and released under caution.

They were arrested from addresses in Bradford as part of a month-long operation by the force, which has at least a dozen live investigations into alleged child sexual abuse dating back to the 2000s.

D C I Alan Weekes, of Bradford district police, disse: “This investigation forms part of West Yorkshire police’s ongoing commitment to the investigation of both current and non-recent sexual offences against children.

“Tackling child abuse and safeguarding children is not something that any one agency can do in isolation though which is why we work closely with local authorities and other organisations and charities to support victims, bring offenders to justice and make our communities safer.

“We would urge anyone who has been a victim of sexual abuse, whether recent or historic, to report it to the police. Please be assured that you will be listened to, taken seriously and supported by professionals with experience of dealing with these kind of offences.”

UN council review last year said that more than 120 people had been arrested on suspicion of non-recent abuse in Bradford, with around 17 investigations under way or awaiting trial.

It estimated that between 283 e 389 children were at risk of sexual exploitation in Bradford last year.

Authorities including the police and council last week issued a joint apology to victims of child sexual abuse after an independent report found that they were still missing “clear signs” of exploitation.

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