Most Republicans still believe 2020 election was stolen from Trump – poll

A majority of Republicans still believe ドナルド・トランプ 勝った 2020 US presidential election and blame his loss to Joe Biden on baseless claims of illegal voting, according to a new Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll.

ザ・ 17-19 May national poll found that 53% の 共和党員 believe Trump, their party’s nominee, is the “true president” now, と比べて 3% of Democrats and 25% of all Americans.

About one-quarter of adults believe the 3 November election was tainted by false allegations of illegal voting, 含む 56% of Republicans, according to the poll. The figures were roughly the same in a poll that ran from 13-17 November which found that 28% of all Americans and 59% of Republicans felt that way.

バイデン, a Democrat, won by more than 7m votes. Dozens of courts rejected Trump’s challenges to the results, but Trump and his supporters have persisted in pushing baseless conspiracy theories on conservative news outlets.

US federal and state officials have said repeatedly they have no evidence that votes were compromised or altered during the presidential election, rejecting the unsubstantiated claims of widespread fraud advanced by Trump and many of his supporters. Voter fraud is extremely rare in the US.

Yet the Reuters/Ipsos poll showed that 61% of Republicans believe the election was “stolen” from Trump. についてのみ 29% of Republicans believe he should share some of the blame for his supporters’ 6 January deadly attack at the US Capitol, after Trump gave an inflammatory speech encouraging the crowds. The former president was impeached by the House earlier this year for “incitement of insurrection”.

それでも, 67% of overall respondents say they trust election officials in their town to do their job honestly, 含む 58% of Republicans, according to the poll.

The November and May polls were both conducted online, in English, throughout the United States. The May poll gathered responses from 2,007 adults, 含む 909 民主党 そして 754 共和党員. The poll has a credibility interval, a measure of precision, of about four percentage points.