モーニングメール: vaccine hesitancy on the rise, India Covid crisis, Eau d’Office candles

Good morning! なので vaccine hesitancy increases in Australia, India is running out of vaccines as its Covid crisis deepens. There’s talk of a female-friendly budget in the works and some strange smelling candles hitting the market.

A rise in vaccine hesitancy is threatening to derail the federal government’s already troubled rollout, with less than half of people aged over 50 willing to get the AstraZeneca vaccine despite it being recommended by Australia’s health officials, according to the latest Guardian Essential poll. Despite the government’s attempts to reassure the public that the vaccination strategy remains safe after changed health advice for the AstraZeneca jab, one in six people can now be described as vaccine hesitant – the highest proportion since data on this measure was first recorded in August last year.

Things aren’t looking much brighter for AstraZeneca overseas after インクルード EU launched legal action against the pharmaceutical company for delivery shortfalls. 事務所, which said it would “strongly defend itself in court”, was able to deliver only about a quarter of the expected 120m doses in the first quarter of this year because of production problems at a plant in Belgium. Meanwhile India is reportedly running out of vaccines just as a virulent second wave continues to devastate the country and hospitals issue SOS calls over acute oxygen shortages. But the US could share as many as 60m AstraZeneca vaccine doses internationally in the coming month as the Biden administration faces increasing pressure to share unneeded vaccine doses internationally as vaccine hoarding becomes a global concern.

Pressure is building on Boris Johnson as Conservative insiders add weight to claims he said he would rather see “bodies pile up” than order another lockdown. Faced with fury from relatives of the bereaved, Johnson and senior ministers emphatically denied he said “no more fucking lockdowns – let the bodies pile high in their thousands” after reluctantly approving a second England-wide lockdown late last year. The government is also facing growing calls for a 公的調査 into a pandemic that left the UK with one of the worst death tolls among major economies last year.

The government is understood to be fashioning a more female-friendly budget this year, to address the previous budgets’ “massive bias” to men. そう, what are some of the Australia Institute’s proposals to advance women’s economic equality in the budget? Increasing jobseeker payments and reintroducing free or low-cost universal childcare are some of the suggestions.

The Queensland police service employs fewer than 90 officers as specialists in domestic and family violence, にもかかわらず case numbers rising to more than 100,000 a year across the state. This has left under-funded non-government agencies to do heavy lifting.

Scott Morrison has asked a national conference of Christian churches to help him help Australia, while revealing his belief that he and his wife, Jenny, have been called upon to do God’s work and described the misuse of social media as the work of “the evil one”.

ウルズラフォンデアライエン, the first female president of the European commission, has said she felt hurt and alone after being left by two male leaders without a chair at a summit in Turkey, describing it as evidence of the unequal treatment of the sexes.

An Iranian court has sentenced the British-Iranian dual national Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe to a one-year jail term and banned her from leaving the country for another year after she was found guilty of spreading propaganda against the regime.

Wealthy holidaymakers buying premium seats will cushion airlines from the decline in business flying, according to the boss of British Airways.

Before the Covid pandemic, distance never felt like a problem for Simonne Michelle, だが a year of separation with no clear end has changed that. “I think it’s taken me longer than some to realise Australia’s vaccine rollout is going to mean more travel delays here than in many other parts of the world. Even when we have no community transmission, due to the slowness of our rollout we are likely to miss out on travel bubbles and continue to suffer periodic lockdowns for longer than many of us contemplated – perhaps years. This contemplation has me all turned around. I’m questioning my decision 11 years ago to leave my home town.”

Which aspects of office life are you most nostalgic for? Is it the earthy, nutty waft of the post-lunch coffee run? Or the smell of warm paper and drying ink from a document left on the printer too long? Turns out “warm 96-page deck left on the printer” and “afternoon rush at the coffee bar” are the most longed-for scents, if the orders from Eau d’Office are any indication. Candles that aimed to recreate the smell of an office were an inside joke for Katie Facada and Thibault Gerard. Until the order requests started flooding in.

“We will not,” Scott Morrison told us last week, “achieve net zero in the cafes, dinner parties and wine bars of our inner cities.” Actually, he might – and that’s the problem, says Jeff Sparrow. “With his speech, the prime minister sought to package climate change as culture warContrary to what the tabloids would have you believe, the real players in the climate change debate are not shaggy ecologists but bankers, mining executives and other besuited representatives of the traditional ruling class. 言い換えると, the people determining the response to the rising temperatures are precisely those least likely be affected by them.”

US president Joe Biden held a virtual summit last week and invited dozens of countries to speak on climate change. 日本, Canada and the US were among several nations that increased their emission reduction targets for this decade, but Australia did not. In today’s Full Story, environment editor Adam Morton examines how the mounting global pressure will affect Australia’s climate policy.

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The Western Force have reached the play-offs of a Super Rugby competition for the first time in their history and in doing so, proved they belong at the elite, provincial level. It is sweet revenge for a club where wounds are still raw after Rugby Australia cut them in 2017, writes Bret Harris.

Formula One has confirmed it will hold three “sprint qualifying” races this season. The concept of running a short race to decide the grid for grands prix rather than traditional qualifying has been under discussion for some time but was finally approved on Monday.

The elite ‘Australia Club’, which only permits men as members, has pocketed $2m in jobkeeper subsidies despite doubling its annual surplus and the オーストラリア人 レポート the club has no intention of returning the money. NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian has challenged other states to take more international arrivals, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. But leaders in Victorian and WA say they want more control over who is allowed to leave Australia and return to hotel quarantine in their jurisdictions. As the debate rages, インクルード 年齢 hints that Avalon airport is no longer the preferred site for Victoria’s purpose-built regional quarantine facility, with a site in Cherry Creek, where the government owns land and is building a youth prison, being considered.

The national security committee will meet to consider banning flights from India.

Australia Post board members will front a Senate inquiry.

How much would you pay for a used pair of shoes? One collector spent $1.8m on Kanye West’s so-called “Grammy Worn” Nike Air Yeezy 1. The sale marks the highest publicly recorded price for a sneaker sale and the first pair of sneakers to top $1m.

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