Oggendpos: Joyce’s ‘astounding’ return, federal Icac call, warming winter soups

Good morning. Barnaby Joyce will dominate the day’s news as he officially takes the top job at the Nationals, and concerns continue to grow about the Coalition’s climate policy. As winter settles in, we’ve got delicious soup recipes to warm your soul and get you through the lazy nights.

Barnaby Joyce will be sworn in as deputy prime minister today, a move dubbed “astounding” by prominent women from rural Australia, who say it proves the Nationals are “not listening” to them. The founding member of Australian Women in Agriculture, Alana Johnson, said Joyce was one of many in the parliamentary party trapped in a “male culture of politics” dominated by “power plays between the boys”. Joyce’s return has also reignited concerns about Australia’s climate policy, after a week when senior Nationals expressed open hostility about the government adopting a net zero emissions target by 2050. A majority of voters say they fear Australia will be left behind on climate change unless the government prioritises serious action. Joyce deflected questions yesterday about whether he would make fresh climate policy demands when he renegotiated the Coalition agreement with Scott Morrison.

US Covid cases have dipped below 300 a day for the first time since March 2020 but White House officials said Joe Biden will fall short of his commitment to ship 80m Covid-19 vaccine doses abroad by the end of June, blaming regulatory and other hurdles. India gave out a record 8.3m vaccine doses yesterday under a federal campaign to inoculate all adults for free after weeks of criticism that a chaotic rollout had worsened a second wave that killed hundreds of thousands. In Russia, case numbers are climbing in some areas, which the Kremlin has blamed on people’s reluctance to have vaccinations and “nihilism”.

The most powerful man in Australian pop music, Denis Handlin, has been removed as head of Sony Music Australia, a week after Guardian Australia approached Sony’s head office with multiple complaints from former employees alleging a toxic work environment at the global company’s Australian operation. The complaints, which are aimed broadly at the workplace culture rather than specific individuals, span more than two decades. None of the former Sony employees Guardian Australia spoke to made any allegations of sexual harassment against Handlin himself, although they were critical of the workplace culture at the company while Handlin was CEO. Both Sony Music Australia and Handlin declined to respond to a series of detailed questions from the Guardian but the company said it “takes all allegations from our employees very seriously and investigates them vigorously”.

An open letter from almost 60 Australian judges, lawyers and prominent experts has urged the Coalition to set up a national anti-corruption commission. The government said it would legislate its integrity commission within 12 maande of taking office but it has repeatedly missed deadlines.

The findings from the fortnightly Guardian Essential poll van 1,087 respondents reveal 73% want renewables to replace the ageing coal fleet, while only 12% want gas-fired power, en 15% think Australia should persist with coal-fired power stations.

Gladys Berejiklian has said Sydney’s mask mandate is likely to be extended beyond Wednesday as NSW recorded two new local cases of Covid-19 on Monday.

Shortages of the Pfizer Covid vaccine are expected to slow Australia’s rollout through June and July as states and territories call on the commonwealth to sign up more GPs to dispense doses when supplies increase in August.

Sydney’s Sirius building has sold $435m worth of luxury apartments at the weekend, two years after the Berejiklian government controversially sold the historic social housing building to private developers for $150m.

The EU is preparing to act against the “disproportionate” amount of British television and film content shown in Europa in the wake of Brexit, watter has been described as a threat to Europe’s “cultural diversity”.

Fear has invaded the Mexican border city of Reynosa after gunmen in vehicles killed 14 mense and security forces responded with operations that left four suspects dead. This city across the border from McAllen, Texas, is a key trafficking point and has long been a target for cartel violence.

Iran’s president-elect staked out a hardline position in his first remarks since his landslide election victory, rejecting the possibility of meeting Joe Biden or discussing Tehran’s ballistic missile program and support of regional militias.

The only thing more comforting than a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter night is a hot bowl of soup made with very little effort. Here are 10 recipes that can be made ahead of time in big batches and frozen, with a few finishing touches to add freshness on the night.

Social assistance due to the pandemic helped but many households can’t make ends meet, says Greg Jericho. “New data from the bureau of statistics shows the drop in spending by households due to the pandemic increased the level of savings, but while incomes rose strongly for low income households due to a big rise in social assistance, inequality remains worse than it was at the start of the century.”

Whether you are pregnant, have back pain or bad knees, Norway’s public broadcaster has advice on the best sexual position to try. But not everyone is happy.

Ten years since the Arab spring rocked Egypt and removed its president, the country is still detaining human rights workers and locking up political prisoners. Karim Ennarah, a human rights worker for the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, was at a beach resort in South Sinai when he was arrested and accused of joining a terrorist group and “spreading false news”. He tells Anushka Asthana his arrest was only the beginning of his separation from his British wife.

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The cricketer Jos Buttler has said there are no perfect answers to the scheduling overkill that has led to him missing five of England’s eight Test matches this year to rest and with Twenty20 cricket seemingly prioritised.

Overnight in the Euro 2020 Netherlands triumphed over North Macedonia 3-0, Austria beat Ukraine 1-0, and Italy’s prime minister, Mario Draghi, said he wanted the final to be held in Rome rather than in London because of Britain’s rising number of coronavirus infections.

NSW’s budget today will reveal a $7.9bn deficit, putting the state on track to return to a surplus in three years, according to the ABC. The budget is also expected to reveal a nation-first policy that will give women in the public service who suffer a miscarriage or stillbirth one week of paid bereavement leave, reports the Australies. And the Australian charity founder and actor Samuel Johnson is recovering in hospital after being hit by a car on Saturday night, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The NSW budget to be handed down.

Bathers will strip off for the annual nude winter solstice swim during Hobart’s Dark Mofo festival.

Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon was awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning by crashing and banging. When she went to find out what had happened, she discovered the head of a hungry elephant poking through her kitchen wall en rummaging for late-night snack.

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