Correo matutino: Djokovic’s Australian Open exemption, NSW hospital staff struggling, marine heatwave

GRAMOood morning. Weeks of speculation about Novak Djokovic’s involvement in the Australia Open have come to an end after the world No 1 last night revealed he has a medical exemption to get around Melbourne’s strict quarantine rules. mientras tanto, more hospital staff in NSW speak out about the pressure of staff shortages and record Covid infections.

Djokovic is on his way to Melbourne to defend his Australian Open title after he refused to divulge his Covid vaccination status. Australian Open organisers confirmed he had received a medical exemption and said two panels of experts had reviewed the case. The Australian Technical Advisory Group allows exemptions for reasons including acute major medical conditions to any serious adverse effect from previous doses of the Covid-19 vaccine. The reason for Djokovic’s exemption is unclear and has garnered mixed responses from his peers.

Hospitals workers in NSW have vented their anger at being left on the frontline with seriously depleted levels of staffing amid a major surge in Covid cases. “The light at the end of a tunnel is a fricking train at the moment,” said Gil Wilson, a senior nurse at the Lismore Base hospital. “We can’t see an end to this.” NSW set another record of new infections, con 23,131 cases reported yesterday and a 28% positivity rate. Scott Morrison continues to face criticism for a decision not to provide free rapid antigen tests, asi que what are other countries doing? Many have free and widely available tests and price caps for private sales in other countries – very different approaches to Australia’s policy of leaving the tests to the “private market”.

Prince Andrew’s lawyers have fought to dismiss Virginia Giuffre’s civil lawsuit against the royal a day after the unsealing of a 2009 settlement between Giuffre and the late financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein. El juez, Lewis Kaplan, questioned lawyers for Andrew closely over their claim that the settlement means Giuffre’s lawsuit should be dismissed. He also promised “a decision pretty soon”.

Waters off Sydney are undergoing an extreme marine heatwave, with temperatures 3C above normal and likely to be at their highest levels on record for January. Global heating, La Niña and atmospheric conditions are believed to be responsible.

The Catholic church’s failed attempt to argue it was not responsible for a priest’s abuse of a five-year-old because it took place during after-hours “social” visits has been slammed as “ruthless” by the survivor and an “affront to common sense” by a judge.

A $316.5.m Indigenous cultural precinct will be established in Canberra, which would include a long-awaited national resting place for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ancestral remains, debajo a plan announced by the Morrison government.

An “unprecedented” number of people have withdrawn from Australia’s overseas diplomatic postings during the pandemic, un internal government document has revealed.

Emma Watson has been accused of antisemitism after she posted a message of support for the Palestinian cause. Israel’s former ambassador to the UN attacked the actor’s message with a Twitter post saying “10 points from Gryffindor for being an antisemite” and has been accused of “cynical weaponisation” of the term.

European gas prices rose by more than 30% yesterday, adding to mounting concerns about the cost of heating a home, as supplies that usually come into Europe from Siberia continued to flow eastwards for the 15th day in a row.

A Paraguayan military officer has died after being impaled by a deer while he was serving in a security detail at the presidential residence.

Angus and Julia Stone came on to the Australian music scene as a duo in 2006 y, while they still make music together, they have both forged solo music careers. Angus makes blissed-out rock as Dope Lemon and releases his third album this week, titled Rose Pink Cadillac. Essential to every record Angus makes is a particular guitar: a 1960s Telecaster given to him by his father. Roca tells us about that “holy grail” instrument, as well as the story of what he would save from a fire and the item he regrets losing most.

Over the past two years something shifted in many Australian families. For some the upheaval meant not just stress but slowing down, getting closer and becoming more adaptable. “The pandemic reset the importance of just being able to spend time with your children,” says Nick Tebbey, national executive officer of Relationships Australia. “People drew real strength from that, and were almost surprised by how much they enjoyed their time together.”

On the evening of Sunday 5 enero 1975, the bulk carrier Lake Illawarra travelled down the Derwent River in Hobart and missed the main navigation challenge under the Tasman Bridge. It brought down two piers and caused more than 100 metres of road to collapse 45 metres into the river below, along with four cars that drove over the gap. Twelve people died, and casualties would have been much higher had it not been a quiet Sunday evening in the new year holiday period.

One of our favourite Full Story episodes from 2021 was about First Nations representation on the reality TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race Down Under. The show was marred by controversies about race and a lack of diversity but it also saw the debut of its first Aboriginal drag queen: Biripi and Worimi queen JoJo Zaho. JoJo talks to Laura Murphy-Oates about the power of First Nations drag and the journey to fame.

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Public confusion and distrust over vaccination in Papua New Guinea have been fuelled by what experts say are crippling failures in authorities’ response to the pandemic. Para today’s Australia Reads, the Pacific editor, Kate Lyons, introduces an investigation by Jo Chandler into how the country’s Covid strategy went so wrong.

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Nick Kyrgios will arrive in Sydney this week with the lowest rank since his breakout performance at Wimbledon back in 2014. His withdrawal from a Melbourne warm-up event due to asthma means he will slide outside the top 100. On a live estimate Kyrgios now sits at 115 but it is possible that will dip further by the next official rankings release on Monday, just a week out from the Australian Open.

Covid forced the closure of almost 270 early childhood centres in NSW yesterday with more shutdowns expected as the industry deals with staff shortages, reports the Sydney Morning Herald. Businesses are selling rapid antigen tests on Uber Eats for as much as $65, de acuerdo con la Envejecer but the consumer watchdog has told the el viernes informó al consejo de seguridad de su país sobre la invasión de Ucrania that while it is investigating tests being sold at excessive prices it has not seen evidence of widespread price gouging.

National cabinet will meet for the first time in 2022 with rapid antigen tests expected to top the agenda.

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