모닝 메일: Australia’s climate ‘smoke and mirrors’, Indigenous families fight for justice, Bernie Madoff dies

ood morning. Australia could be in for a frosty reception at global warming talks, a police shooting fans tensions in Minneapolis once again and Indigenous families call for justice, 30 years after the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. All that, and more, in today’s morning mail.

One of the world’s leading climate scientists has accused the Australian government’s approach to emission reductions of being “smoke and mirrors”, cautioning that the Biden administration would not be “fooled” by rhetoric designed to mask a “clear record of inaction”. Michael E Mann, a distinguished professor of atmospheric science, also said “renewed American leadership” on the crisis would increase scrutiny on Australia, as Scott Morrison prepares for a virtual climate summit next week at US President Joe Biden’s invitation. A major report suggests Australia would need to triple its 2030 emissions reduction target and achieve net-zero emissions by 2035 to help prevent temperature rises above 2C. 그 동안에, WWF Australia has announced it will help fund community legal challenges against development decisions that involve forest clearing.

The Minneapolis police officer who shot dead 20-year-old motorist Daunte Wright during a traffic stop has been charged with manslaughter. A police chief suggested the 26-year veteran had accidentally drawn her gun instead of a taser, with a body-camera recording capturing Kimberley Potter warning Wright “I’ll tase you!” before firing a single shot from her service revolver. The shooting took place just 16km away from the high-profile court trial the of former officer Derek Chauvin, who has been charged with the 2020 murder of George Floyd that sparked global protests. Wright was pulled over for having expired registration tags.

Labor has pledged $90m over four years to combat disproportionate incarceration rates for Indigenous Australians, including a national justice reinvestment program, if it wins government. The opposition has released its policy on the 30th anniversary of the final report of the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody. 에 대한 the families of the deceased – more than 474 Indigenous Australians over the past three decades – the ongoing fight for justice is exhausting. “You go through a coronial inquest, you listen to all those witnesses, the majority of the time they’re victim-blaming,” Apryl Day says. “They blame the families. They play footage that you can never un-see. There is no emotional or mental health support while you’re in that.”

A UN human rights expert has urged Australia to target Myanmar’s “gang leader” for sanctions, accusing General Min Aung Hlaing of committing atrocities “before our very eyes” – in 2017 against the Rohingya people, as well as during the coup that has killed more than 700 civilians.

Companies that received jobkeeper payments offered almost twice as much return to investors as those that didn’t, with research conducted for the Labor MP Andrew Leigh suggesting that millions in jobkeeper payments was passed on as dividends or executive bonuses.

Mass vaccination clinics, targeting vulnerable populations and “green pass” incentives could boost Australia’s vaccine rollout, experts have suggested after global poll data suggested Australia’s current effort ranked it 100th in the world.

The financier behind the largest Ponzi scheme in history, Bernie Madoff, has died in prison aged 82. Madoff was sentenced to 150 years jail in 2009 for orchestrating a fraudulent investment scheme that robbed thousands of investors of $17.5bn.

조 바이든 has declared it’s time “to end America’s longest war”, announcing that 거의 10,000 US and Nato troops would return home in the run-up to the 20th anniversary of 9/11. The US leader said troops would gradually leave the country starting on 1 할 수있다.

Denmark has revoked the residency permits of at least 189 Syrian refugees, claiming that security in some parts of the war-ravaged nation had “improved significantly”. The majority of those affected are women and older people, with Denmark acknowledging that men could face being drafted into the military upon their return.

Archaeologists in the UK have uncovered the “most important Roman discovery of last decade”, unearthing a Roman settlement in Yorkshire containing a large complex of buildings, towers and a bathhouse that could change the understanding of Roman settlement on the island.

Despite record low interest rates and inflation, Australian house prices remain stubbornly unaffordable. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose, writes Greg Jericho. “In reality, the cost of buying a house, and even then paying off a mortgage, remains higher than in the past – and much higher than 20 years ago when gen Xers like me were first buying a home (let alone the boomers 20 또는 30 years before then).” An examination of median household incomes over time supports this trend.

“My boyfriend isn’t sure if he wants children and I definitely do.” That’s the dilemma posed to advice columnist Eleanor Gordon-Smith this week. “Your boyfriend doesn’t – can’t – owe you certainty on something that he isn’t certain about himself. I’m sure there are people who tell you he’s just wasting your time, but he will have reasons for his uncertainty.”

What’s funnier than somebody else’s terror on a rollercoaster? On this week’s 10 funniest things on the internet, curated by Diana Nguyen, we meet one very wicked Janice but also a heartwarmingly erudite talking toddler.

Three decades on from the royal commission into Aboriginal deaths in custody more than 474 Indigenous Australians have died while incarcerated. For the past three years Guardian Australia has been tracking this tragedy via its Deaths Inside project. On this episode of Full Story, Laura Murphy-Oates speaks with family members and protesters still demanding justice.

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It was the clash billed as Super Rugby Australia’s title decider but the Reds emerging as winners over the Brumbies doesn’t mean they should dominate Wallabies selection thinking, Bret Harris writes.

Twenty-five years after Sir Alex Ferguson blamed a poor first half performance on a grey playing kit, his protege Ole Gunnar Solskjær has offered a similar defence for poor home form: there’s too much red inside the Red Devils’ famous red stadium.

Clinical mishaps were responsible for 142 사망자 in Western Australian health facilities last year, 그만큼 West Australian reports, the highest number since 2015, with dozens of deaths considered as “wholly preventable”. Australia’s attorney generals are considering a proposal to lift the age of criminal responsibility ...에서 10 ...에 12, 그만큼 오스트레일리아 사람 writes, with the move also cited as an important step in reducing rates of Indigenous juvenile incarceration. And the Olympic champion Mack Horton has raised concerns about a lax drug testing regime in the lead-up to the delayed Tokyo Olympics, claims the Sydney Morning Herald, with the Australian swimmer revealing he didn’t undergo a single test in nine months.

The invention of the wheel changed humankind. But might a prehistoric animal have harnessed the principles of the wheel for an equally transformative purpose hundreds of millions of years ago? That’s what scientists are claiming – after CT scans revealed the secrets to pterosaurs’ ability to fly: a series of ultra-lightweight spoke-like structures inside their necks: “They even cross over like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. Evolution shaped these creatures into awesome, breathtakingly efficient flyers.”

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