Michael Spicer: ‘I’ve never been heckled, I’m an online comedian’

I once went to see David Kay in Edinburgh. I started laughing from the moment he came on the stage and was only able to pause for breath when he left.

Christopher Morris and Peter O’Hanraha-hanrahan discuss new European quota rates.

Way Out West. I could choose any number of Laurel and Hardy films but that’s the first one that springs to mind.

Due to the lockdown I don’t know anyone in real life any more, but there was a boy at cub scouts called Charles Coombs who was consistently yet unintentionally funny. Once we were in a rowing boat together and I can still picture his beautifully timed look of horror just before we crashed.

I’ve never been heckled because I’m an online comedian. I guess the “comments underneath” are my heckles but I don’t read those so I’ve no idea how loathed I am, which is lovely.

When I turned 18, I gifted myself a claret paisley waistcoat.

I once went to an Italian restaurant in a desolate seaside town. All meals were microwaved and looked identical. The owner approached our table on several occasions to use an old Dust Buster on our tablecloth.

I’m doing a presentation with Bruno Mars about a new kind of synthetic cotton cardigan that we’ve been developing together. I find I’ve lost my voice so I use a speech synthesiser which really slows down the presentation. Bruno is furious with me.

My son told me a joke recently. Q: Where do pirates go to shop? A: ARRRgos. Except he didn’t say “ARRRgos”, he just said “Argos”, which, to me, is funnier.

Michael Spicer tours 9 Oct to 4 Dec

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