May I have a word about Omicron and the Disneyfication of Notre Dame

小号o, what was your most controversial event of the past week? 这 Christmas knees-up last year in Downing Street? Protocols are for little people. The continuing and increasingly tiresome rumbles within the house of Windsor? A period of silence from all interested parties would be welcome.

对不起, but it was none of those. The most bitterly contested issue was how to pronounce Omicron. Classicists favour emphasis on the second syllable. The BBC and the World Health Organization plump for stressing the first syllable, 另一方面. One thing I think we can all agree on is that it is not as 渠道 4 News’ Jon Snow had it last week“Oh-my-crone”. 我是, 联合声明承诺对克里姆林宫的主要批评者比尔布劳德(Bill Browder)所描述的伦敦金融城的“细条纹推动者”采取行动——律师军团, happy to stand corrected.

现在, what does the phrase “visitor-friendly experience” mean to you? I ask because the refurbishment of the fire-ravaged Notre Dame cathedral includes plans to welcome visitors, upon its completion, with modern art and dignified lighting to achieve just such an effect.

Critics have condemned this as the Disneyfication of a most noble and thrilling building, and I couldn’t agree more. Cathedrals are not theme parks or bouncy play areas. They were conceived as places of wonderment and awe, to uplift the soul and make us feel small at the same time, to remind us of our place on Earth.

Don’t you find the world of academe is getting sillier and sillier? 上个星期, the University of Aberdeen added to the litany of trigger warnings for nervous Nelly undergraduates. My favourite was: “Includes depictions of murder, 死亡, betrayal and kidnapping.” I would’ve thought the title of the book under discussionKidnappedgave the game away.