Man caught on CCTV carrying woman through Leeds admits rape

A rapist who was caught on CCTV carrying his victim through Leeds city centre before he attacked her has admitted his guilt nearly seven years after it took place.

West Yorkshire police released the footage in 2015. It showed a smartly dressed man now known to be Austin Osayande carrying a 24-year-old woman through deserted streets.

Police said the victim had been walking to get a taxi home at about 5am after a night out with friends.

Osayande, 40, was not caught until last September, when he was arrested in connection with a separate sexual assault.

On Thursday at Leeds crown court, Osayande pleaded guilty to one count of rape and one count of sexual assault by penetration. He was remanded in custody and a sentencing hearing was scheduled for 23 February.

Police said at the time that the CCTV footage showed a man, who had the appearance of a doorman, “walking with purpose” around the city centre before approaching the woman.

He was described as black, aged 30 to 40, tall and with a shaved head. He was wearing a long black overcoat and black trousers.

The then head of crime for Leeds district, Det Supt Pat Twiggs, said: “The footage of the victim being carried off by this man clearly makes for disturbing viewing.

“We gave very careful consideration to releasing it and secured the consent of the victim who has been left understandably traumatised by what this man did to her.

“I think the CCTV gives a really stark illustration of the very serious nature of this offence and we hope it will focus the public’s minds on helping us to identify and trace the man responsible.”

Police said the man appeared a number of times on CCTV cameras. One piece of footage showed him loitering in a car park. Another showed him approaching a woman at 4.45am.

“The other footage we have released shows this man walking around Leeds city centre and we strongly believe he was looking for someone to attack before he focused on the victim,” said Twiggs.

“The way the offender is dressed does give him the appearance of a doorman and we have been making extensive inquiries with licensed premises.

“However, there could be other reasons why he was dressed smartly like this.”

Leeds Live reported that Osayande, of Sissons Road, Leeds, had previously denied the charges but replied “I’m guilty” to the two charges when they were formally put to him on Thursday.




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