Luca Brecel은 화장실 문제를 공개하기 전에 UK 챔피언십 결승에 도달했습니다.

Luca Brecel은 임대 아파트의 화장실에 갇혀서 Anthony Hamilton과의 4라운드 경기를 놓칠 뻔했다고 밝혔기 전에 UK Championship 결승전에서 자신의 자리를 예약했습니다..

The Belgian swept in four centuries plus two more breaks over 80 to sink Kyren Wilson 6-4 and will now face Chinese rising star Zhao Xintong, who bludgeoned former world finalist Barry Hawkins 6-1, in the final. If Brecel overcomes Zhao the 26-year-old will become the first player from continental Europe to land a ‘triple crown’ title.

하나, he admitted he was reduced to panic earlier in the week when he struggled to escape from the bathroom of his apartment in York. Brecel said: “I was in the apartment and I just locked myself outI locked the door (of the toilet). I didn’t know how to open it and I thought, oh God, I’m locked in.

“I had to play Anthony Hamilton so I was a bit worried. I was in there for 10 의사록. It felt like two hours. I was worried not to be able to play Hamilton. 그것은 20 minutes past 12 and it was a 10-minute walk to the venue. I had to walk quickly. But I beat him 6-1 anyway so I could have stayed there for longer.”

Brecel, the youngest player to reach the World Championship at the Crucible in 2012, set about the biggest match of his career against Wilson in stunning fashion, opening with a 130 clearance and going back in front with his second century after Wilson had responded with a 121. He might have contrived a third century in the fourth frame before an unfortunate split allowed Wilson to clear to pink and level for a second time at 2-2.

Wilson, strongly tipped to make his belated breakthrough at a major tournament after sinking Ronnie O’Sullivan in the last eight, edged in front for the first time by taking the fifth frame. But he could only sit and marvel at the onslaught that followed as Brecel produced his third century of the match, followed by breaks of 97 과 80, to move one frame away.

The remarkable standard continued as Wilson responded with 83 to reduce the deficit to 5-4, but with the balls well placed after a lengthy safety exchange at the start of the tenth frame, Brecel stepped in to finish with a flourish, an outrageous cross-double red sealing a fourth century and a place in Sunday’s final.

“It feels incredible to put up a performance like that in such a big game,” added Brecel. “If I play like that again in the final I don’t think I’m beatable.”

Zhao was equally comprehensive in his semi-final rout of Hawkins, firing one century and five further breaks of more than 70 as he spectacularly delivered on his potential as one of the finest prospects in the sport. Hawkins trailed 4-0 inside an hour, and although he hauled his way back to 4-1, he was merely prolonging the inevitable, as the irresistible Zhao potted his way into his first major final.

“It’s my first time in the final and it’s very important for me to try my best,” said Zhao, who will bid to become the first Chinese winner of the tournament since three-time champion Ding Junhui. “I think I played very well and it was a great match for me. I’m pleased to be playing Luca in the final because we are both young and we have a similar style. I think we can make a beautiful match.”

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