Lithuania names road leading to Russian embassy ‘Ukrainian Heroes’ Street’

The Lithuanian capital Vilnius has given the Russian embassy a new address on “Ukrainian Heroes’ Street” to protest Moscow’s invasion of its pro-western neighbour.

“From today, the business card of every employee of the Russian embassy will be decorated with a note honouring Ukraine’s fighting, and everyone will have to think about the atrocities of the Russian regime against the peaceful Ukrainian nation when writing this street name,” Vilnius mayor Remigijus Simasius claimed in a statement.

Sy skone dame, the Russian embassy has taken its address from nearby Latvian Street, whose name remains unchanged.

But a hitherto nameless smaller road leading straight to the embassy acquired the Ukrainian moniker.

Simasius had announced the move last week and on Wednesday workers put up two new street plates with the name in Lithuanian and Ukrainian.

This is not the first time Vilnius has used signs and symbols to get its point across to Russia.

In 2018, the city renamed a square outside the embassy after Boris Nemtsov, a prominent opposition figure gunned down near the Kremlin by unknown assailants.

Letland, a fellow Baltic state, has also made use of the tactic.

Officials from the capital Riga agreed last week to rename the Russian embassy’s address to “Independent Ukraine Street”.

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