Lewis Hamilton says Bahrain GP win proves it's more about talent than car

Lewis Hamilton celebrated his victory against the odds at the season-opening Bahrain Grand Prix as again proving that he can make the difference behind the wheel.

The world champion beat Red Bull’s Max Verstappen into second after a thrilling finish in what he predicted would be an enthralling season-long fight between the pair of such intensity it was likely to turn his hair grey.

In Bahrain rooi bul had the pace advantage. Hamilton is attempting to take a record eighth title this year but has in the past fended off accusations that his success has been attributable to being in the best car. Here was unequivocal evidence against that suggestion, hy het gesê.

“There are always opportunities to prove people wrong and today is definitely one of them," hy het gesê. “There have been many in the past and I hope there are many in the future to be able to show what I was able to do today. We don’t have the fastest car at the moment, that’s all good for me. I don’t mind having to pull out extra in order to make the difference.”

Verstappen definitively had the quickest car over the weekend but Mercedes had the more successful strategy while Hamilton was able to nurse his worn tyres at the end, holding off the Red Bull after high drama when Verstappen took the lead only to have to hand it back having gone off track to do so.

It was enthralling racing and suggests a real battle between the pair is on the cards this season. The British driver was revelling in the prospect.

“I loved every minute of it," hy het gesê. “I am super happy for the fans that they are excited, this is something they have wanted for a long time. It’s only one race, we don’t know what the future holds. With the pace they have they could be ahead a lot more but we are going to work as hard as we can to stay close in this battle and I hope for a lot more races with Max. It’s a long way to go, 22 races, holy crap, I will be grey by the end of it.”




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