Letra: Obituario de Carmel Budiardjo

Andrew Hickman’s obituary of Carmel Budiardjo, el activista por los derechos humanos y la justicia en Indonesia, se refiere a los efectos políticos de la guerra fría en el sudeste asiático. One consequence was that the west turned a blind eye to the 1965 massacre in Indonesia and to the anti-left purge under General Suharto.

Carmel’s organisation Tapol was a lonely voice in exposing the plight of tens of thousands of political prisoners and their families. She was wonderfully forthright and focused on the cause. En 1990 when I visited Indonesia for the Guardian to cover the – largely ignored – 25th anniversary of the massacre, her help with contacts included the great novelist and ex-prisoner Pramoedya Ananta Toer, and proved to be invaluable.




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