Let’s hear it for the silent generation

The survey on attitudes to trans people (Britons not bitterly polarised over trans equality, research finds, 16 June) breaks down the responses by age bands. I see that I am a baby boomer (age 55 to 74). My wife, however, is in the 75+ band, which is called silent gen. Whoever thought up this label has obviously never met anyone in that age group. Most of the ones I know are anything but silent.
Andrew Tucker

The Guardian often runs items highlighting the difficulties in holiday areas where second home buyers have priced local populations out of the housing market. Was it not inappropriate and insensitive to publish “Homes in historic seaside resorts” in the fantasy house hunt (17 June)?
Martin Wynn
Knaresborough, North Yorkshire

Has Ukraine replaced hospitals and schools as a place for the prime minister to visit to avoid facing awkward meetings (Boris Johnson accused of ‘contempt’ for north by snubbing Doncaster for Kyiv, 17 June)?
Dr Roger Merry
Keynsham, Somerset

I assume Boris Johnson sees the role of an ethics adviser as akin to that of a tax adviser: to advise on circumvention (‘No ethics at No 10’: Boris Johnson considers scrapping Lord Geidt’s role, 16 June).
Allan Jones
Yardley Gobion, Northamptonshire

To control inflation we increase interest rates to make sure people feel poorer (Bank of England raises interest rates to 1.25%, 16 June). At the same time, people are feeling poorer because of gas prices so the government hands out money to help us survive being so poor. Did I get this right? Just checking.
Chris Monk
Hastings, East Sussex





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