Lego da su 20,000 empleados tres días de vacaciones adicionales después de que aumenten las ganancias 140%

Lego, el fabricante de juguetes más grande del mundo, ha premiado su 20,000 empleados tres días adicionales de vacaciones y una bonificación especial después de un año de ingresos extraordinarios.

The succession of pandemic-forced lockdowns has seen demand for Lego’s signature plastic bricks soar alongside a rapid expansion in China.

“The owner family wishes to … thank all colleagues with an extra three days off at the end of 2021,” the Danish company said in a statement.

The family group, which is not listed on any stock exchange, reported a net profit of more than 6.3bn Danish kronor ($954metro) for the first half of 2021 – an increase of 140% on the same period in 2020. Revenues shot up 46% to 23bn kronor in the same period.

It had been “an extraordinary year for the Lego Group and our colleagues have worked incredibly hard”, la declaración decía, adding that an unspecified special bonus would be paid to staff in April 2022.

With families stuck at home for long periods, Lego said all its market groups delivered double-digit consumer sales growth with products “which appealed to builders of all ages and interests”. Top-performing themes included Lego City, Lego Star Wars, and Lego Harry Potter, while ambitious builders can also tackle a 9,090-piece model of the doomed ship RMS Titanic which retails for $629.99.

The group opened more than 60 new branded stores in the first half of 2021, y mas que 40 of them were in China. This brings the total number of Lego retail stores as of 30 junio, a 737, con 291 of those located in China.

Lego, a contraction of the Danish for “play well” (Leg godt), fue fundado en 1932 by Kirk Kristiansen, whose family still controls the group which employs about 20,400 people in 40 los paises.




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