Las Vegas Raiders cut cornerback Damon Arnette over death threats video

The Las Vegas Raiders are cutting ties with former first-round pick Damon Arnette amid two lawsuits and a troubling video posted by the cornerback, NFL Network reported on Monday.

One lawsuit alleges Arnette, 25, left the scene of a car accident in October 2020 near the team facility when he was running late for a team meeting. The woman Arnette allegedly hit is suing him for $92,000 損害賠償, according to TMZ. A second lawsuit by an employee of the Aria Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas alleges that Arnette berated and spat on a valet over a dispute about retrieving his car.

加えて, a video surfaced late last week that shows Arnette repeatedly threatening to kill someone while brandishing what appear to be semi-automatic firearms.

“Very painful decision,” Raiders general manager Mike Mayock told ESPN on Monday. We spent significant time, effort and resources trying to help him in all aspects of his lifewe cannot stand for the video of Damon with a gun, threatening to take a life.”

Mayock acknowledged there were character concerns around Arnette coming out of college but the team felt they could help him with any off-the-field issues. 「明らかに, we missed. あれは 100% on me,” Mayock said.

The release comes nearly a week after the Raiders cut wide receiver Henry Ruggs after a car crash in the early hours of last Tuesday morning that left a woman dead and Ruggs and his female passenger injured.

On Monday Mayock was asked if there were concerns about young players living and working in Las Vegas, a city known for its nightlife and party scene.

“Can a country kid live in a big city, or vice versa? … We do have to be aware of Vegas," 彼は言った. “But my thing is this – in just about any mid- to big-sized city in the country, if you want to find trouble, you can find it. And our job is to find the kids that will get past that.”

Arnette, said Mayock, is “a very talented young man with a good heart. He cleans up his life, I know he can make a living in the NFL. But not now, with the Raiders.”

The Raiders selected Arnette No 19 overall out of Ohio State in the 2020 draft. Injuries limited him to 13 games in his Raiders career. He didn’t record any interceptions and had 29 tackles.