Lagomorphs are hares, rabbits and which other animal? Il quiz del sabato

1 Whose albums have an average title of 23.75?
2 Pull, aim, squeeze and sweep is the drill for operating what?
3 Who flew Jason from Croydon to Australia?
4 Deposed in 1974, who was the last monarch of the Solomonic dynasty?
5 Which planet rotates on its side?
6 Lagomorphs are hares, rabbits and which other animal?
7 Which sport has a 107% rule?
8 Who founded the Left Book Club in 1936?
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Oriental, Co-operative and Bolivarian Republics; Plurinational State?
10 Tabla; tabor; taiko; tapan; tasha?
11 Alan Clark; Caligola; Stephen Ward; Quentin Crisp; Joseph Merrick?
12 Spitsbergen; Nordaustlandet; Edgeøya?
13 Memory tag; age identifier; random letters?
14 Christopher Marlowe; George Villiers; George Cornell?
15 More Than a Feeling; Take My Breath Away; If You Leave Me Now?

1 Adele (19, 21, 25 e 30).
2 Fire extinguisher.
3 Amy Johnson (1930).
4 Haile Selassie I of Ethiopia.
5 Uranus.
6 Pika (Ochotonidae).
7 Formula One (qualifying).
8 Victor Gollancz.

9 In official names of South American countries: Uruguay; Guyana; Venezuela; Bolivia.
10 Types of drum.
11 Real people played on screen by John Hurt.
12 Main islands in Svalbard archipelago.
13 Parts of a car number plate.
14 Killed in pubs: Eleanor Bull’s house, 1593; the Greyhound, 1628; the Blind Beggar, 1966.
15 Hits by bands named after cities: Boston; Berlino; Chicago.

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