Klopp: Old Trafford scenes show pundits must calm down when urging protests

Jürgen Klopp has supported Manchester United fans’ right to protest at Old Trafford last Sunday but felt the actions of some crossed the line.

With pundits such as Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher calling for mobilisation of supporters as part of the European Super League fallout, Liverpool’s manager had sounded a word of caution. Having watched events unfold on television from the team hotel last Sunday, with fans storming the ground leading to the postponement of their Premier League match at United, Klopp had mixed emotions.

“Was I surprised these kind of things happened? No, I’m an absolute believer in democracy,” he said. “It means I am happy that people want to tell their opinion, that’s completely fine. But I know that in situations like that it doesn’t happen too often that no one gets hurt and that’s why I said the week before, when all the pundits were asking for protests, I said we need to be careful and calm down, to ask for the right things.

“I heard some policeman got injured and these kinds of things should not happen for sure. You shouldn’t break down the doors. To tell the world what you think about things is completely fine, as long as it is completely peaceful and as far as I know it wasn’t completely peaceful and then it is not right any more.”

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