Kimmel on LA’s lagging vaccinations: ‘We should start calling it arm botox’

With most late-night hosts still on holiday until next week, Jimmy Kimmel looked ahead to potential herd immunity for coronavirus in his home base of Los Angeles. Earlier in the week, Los Angeles county officials revised their predicted timeline for the milestone from July to late August due to falling vaccination rates. “Instead of vaccine I think we should start calling it arm botox,” Kimmel joked.

“The most frustrating thing is that a lot of these unvaccinated people aren’t just avoiding getting the shot; they’re not getting masks,” he added. “They’re like, ‘Pandemic’s over!’ Not for you it isn’t! Listen, you didn’t chip in for the gift, you don’t get to sign the card.”

Meanwhile, “almost everything is as it was in New York, including state politics”, Kimmel continued, pointing to a lavish fundraiser planned by the embattled governor, Andrew Cuomo, for later this month, the first since multiple scandals from sexual harassment, accusations of bullying and a cover-up of Covid nursing home deaths engulfed his administration.

The fundraiser is the latest indication that Cuomo intends to run for a fourth term as governor, even as members of his own party in Albany demanded his resignation. It will cost $10,000 a person, or $15,000 for two people, to attend. “Ten thousand dollars a plate, and for an extra $250 he’ll whisper something in your ear that will haunt you for decades,” Kimmel joked.

The fundraiser, billed in an email to campaign donors as a “summer reception”, will take place on 29 June at an undisclosed location in New York City – “which is exactly what you want to hear from a guy facing multiple sexual harassment accusations”, Kimmel deadpanned.

“It’s basically his version of OnlyFans now, this thing.”

And finally, Kimmel celebrated Jill Biden’s 70th birthday. “The president and his bride celebrated by going to their beach house in Delaware – which is I guess the most old person thing Joe could think of,” Kimmel joked. “They watched the sun set over the novelty T-shirt shops and adult video stores.”

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