Hou die landgoed van National Trust oop sodat almal dit kan geniet

Dinton Park sou nie die enigste eiendom wees wat die National Trust onlangs verhuur het nie (Oproep oor die plan van National Trust om die hektaar Wiltshire -park vir huurder af te weer, 19 September). Laas jaar, it offered a 125-year lease to tenants on the Grade-1 listed Bellister Castle in Northumberland. It was given to the trust in 1976, along with the huge Bellister estate, which still has little public access.
Jon Reeds
Alston, Cumbria

I predict many arguments over breakfast tables about who can read what and when this coming Saturday (All change: the launch of a new bumper magazine, 18 September). But at least Feast will be a crumb of comfort.
Gary Bennett

After a glance at the Guardian’s front page, I go straight to the letters page. Thank you for cheering me up each day with common sense, honesty and a bit of fun.
John Bryden

It’s not only Schrödinger who causes confusion (Briewe, 20 September). Working as a junior librarian, I once saw a request from a reader for Lamb’s Tales from Shakespeare, on which someone had written: “Look in 630s” – the Dewey classification for agriculture.
Marilyn Rowley
Didsbury, Manchester

Many years ago, I went into the fiction section of a bookshop and asked where I could find A Woman’s Guide to Adultery by Carol Clewlow. Without so much as a blink, the young woman at the till smiled warmly and said: “All the do-it-yourself books are on the second floor.”
Penny Jaques




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