Kazakhstan: Russian-led military bloc to start withdrawing troops, says president

A Russian-led military bloc will start withdrawing its troops from Kazakhstan in two days’ time, Kazakh president Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has told the country’s parliament.

Troops from the Collective Security Treaty Organisation (CSTO) will depart the central Asian nation completely over a period of 10 일, he said on Tuesday.

Kazakhstan asked for CSTO military assistance amid unrest last week sparked by a steep rise in fuel prices, which quickly escalated into violence which left 164 죽은 사람들.

화요일에, Tokayev nominated Alikhan Smailov as prime minister, and the lower house of parliament swiftly voted him in during a session broadcast live on state television.

Smailov, 49, served as first deputy prime minister in the previous cabinet which Tokayev dismissed last week amid violent unrest in the oil-rich Central Asian nation.

Kazakh security forces have now detained 9,900 people over the unrest, Kazakhstan’s interior ministry said on Tuesday.

In his address on Tuesday, Tokayev also ordered the central bank and the financial regulations agency on Tuesday to ensure foreign exchange market stability in order to build confidence in the local tenge currency.

The unrest appears to have stabilised in the past few days and authorities have promised that life will begin to return to normal.

하나, the deputy defence minister, Sultan Gamaletdinov, said on Sunday that a “counterterrorist operation” was still under way and would continue “until the terrorists are completely eliminated and the constitutional order is restored in the republic of Kazakhstan”.

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