Joe Biden tiene la intención de volver a correr en 2024, La Casa Blanca confirma

The White House has said that Joe Biden intends to run for re-election in 2024, una declaración que se produce en medio de especulaciones sobre su futuro, ya que el presidente ve una caída en su índice de aprobación.

Biden, 79, has suffered a drop in his polling numbers in recent months, leading some Democrats to speculate he might not seek another four-year term.

“He is. That’s his intention,” said the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, as Biden flew onboard Air Force One for a Thanksgiving event with US troops in Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

Democrats were rattled by Republican victories in Virginia’s gubernatorial election earlier this month and a narrow Democratic victory in New Jersey.

The statement from the White House follows reports that Biden has been reassuring allies of his intentions to run again, and that he is keen to quash rumors of a one-term presidency.

Un reciente Washington Post/ABC survey survey found just over 40% of voters approved of Biden, continuing a steady downward trend in the president’s ratings amid inflation and supply chain issues and intra-party fighting over key aspects of the president’s agenda.

Questions have arisen about the viability of Kamala Harris as a presidential candidate in 2024 should Biden decide not to run again. A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll found her with a 28% job approval rating.

Biden underwent his first physical examination on Friday since taking office in January and doctors found he has a stiffened gait and attributed frequent bouts of coughing to acid reflux. Doctors said he was fit to serve.

Biden’s political prospects appeared to have been buoyed last week by congressional passage of a $1.2tn infrastructure plan. Still being debated is another $1.75tn in spending on a social safety net package.

Biden was already the oldest presidential candidate to be elected as commander-in-chief when he beat Donald Trump in the November 2020 elección, and will be 15 days short of his 82nd birthday on 5 noviembre 2024, the next time voters in the US will be asked to choose their president.




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