Jimmy Kimmel on 'Klan mom' Marjorie Taylor Greene: 'There should be a test to get into Congress'

While most late-night hosts took the week off for a spring break holiday, Jimmy Kimmel discussed the controversy over proposed “vaccine passports” and Donald Trump’s new website.

As more and more Americans receive coronavirus vaccines, the Biden administration and private industry are working on a plan for so-called “vaccine passports” to prove immunization for the purpose of travel and large-scale public events. Many Republicans, tuttavia, are not on board, criticizing the passports as infringements on personal liberty, “which is very rich coming from the party that wants nine forms of identification before you can vote,” said Kimmel on Tuesday evening.

One of the most vocal opponents was QAnon supporter and “Klan mom” Marjorie Taylor Greene, a representative from Georgia, who called the vaccine passports “something like Biden’s mark of the beast” in a video posted to social media this week.

“Poor Joe Biden,” said Kimmel. “How can you reach across the aisle when the other side thinks you have hooves?"

“What a dumb person. The mark of the beast?" Ha aggiunto. “Everyone know the mark of the beast is Zuckerberg.”

In the video, Greene called vaccine passports “still fascism or communism, whatever you want to call it”. Kimmel issued a correction. “Fascism and communism are literally opposite things," Egli ha detto. “It’s why Germany and the Soviet Union fought world war two, but they both have ‘ism’ in them so you know that they’re bad things.”

“There should be a test to get into Congress," Ha aggiunto. “You have to take a test to be able to drive; Congress, they just wave you right through.”

Kimmel also touched on Donald Trump’s new website, launched this week at 45office.com. “Is he launching a website or a new version of Microsoft Word?” the host joked.

The new website includes photos of Trump meeting with dictators like North Korea’s Kim Jong Un (“he basically set up a fan page for himself,” Kimmel explained), as well as sections to book the former president for short video greetings and events (with a section to estimate crowd size).

“In less than three months,” Kimmel concluded, “Donald Trump has gone from president of the United States to bookable birthday clown.”

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