Jacinda Ardern forced into isolation after partner tests positive to Covid

New Zealand’s prime minister, 재신다 아던, has been forced into seven days of isolation after her partner tested positive to Covid-19.

Ardern announced her Covid isolation in a social media post wishing a happy Mother’s Day to her followers, after her fiance, Clarke Gayford, returned a positive Covid test on Sunday morning.

Ardern said that she and her daughter, Neve, were feeling fine.

“Happy Mother’s Day everyone! It’s not even midday and already I’d say ours has been a mixed bag,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Neve was so excited that it was Mother’s Day she got up nice and early to share this lovely card! (Who doesn’t love being compared to hot lava …).”

“The downside is Clarke woke up feeling a bit average and has tested positive for Covid, so we have 7 days of family time ahead of us!”

Arden said that she will continue working remotely during her isolation period.

“I’ll be working from home so anyone who watches question time, or is attending my Business NZ speech on Wednesday, you’ll still see me remotely!”

"그렇지 않으면, a happy Mother’s Day to everyone who plays mum in anyone’s life. You are as magical as hot lava is to a three-year-old!" 그녀가 말했다.

If Ardern does contract Covid in isolation and test positive after Tuesday, she will be required to isolate for a further week – meaning she could miss New Zealand’s budget on 19 할 수있다.

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