Laura Durandの奇妙な追求のレビュー–奇妙なソフトコア-ファンタジーロードムービー

Makis Papadimitriou is the actor who gave a great performance in what deserves to be a modern Greek movie classic: 日焼け, in which he played a depressed vacation-resort doctor who conceives a Death-In-Venice obsession with one of the beautiful young sunseekers. So it’s good to see him again, but this is a very tiresome and pointless shaggy-dog-story-slash-road-movie that offers no compelling reason for its own existence, and certainly no interesting or satisfying ending.

Papadimitriou is Antonis, a middle-aged loser who finds himself single with a Hornbyesque vinyl collection and a sideline in singing with an embarrassing band, along with his mate Christos (Michalis Sarantis). To combat their creeping ennui, our two amigos decide to go on a quest: to track down the (fictional) 90s softcore VHS porn star called Laura Durand with whom they had both become mildly obsessed, because she vanished from the business 20 数年前, becoming the Greta Garbo of Europe’s adult entertainment scene. And so they go on a quest to find Laura, with at one stage a weird Lynchian diversion into black-and-white, and really a lot of zany and quirky encounters, which are written and directed like kids’ TV, and some hallucinatory visions of Laura in which she appears bisected with video scan lines, as in her cheesy erotic movies.

いくつかの点で, this reminded me of the various documentaries about the real-life 70s porn star Mary Millington, whose unhappy life and death created a cultish posthumous fanbase. 上手, a factual porn star is one thing. But a fictional one who does not shed any real light on female or male sexuality, and who is not a very interesting character, is something else.