'I was brainwashed': Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik appears before parole hearing – video

The Norwegian far-right killer behind the country’s worst peacetime massacre has appeared in court asking to be released on parole after serving 10 years in prison in near-isolation for murdering 77 people in a bomb and gun attack in 2011.

Breivik – who legally changed his name to Fjotolf Hansen in 2017 – attacked the country’s government quarter in Oslo with a van bomb before heading to a youth camp being held by the country’s Labour party on the island of Utøya where he killed 69 人, most of them teenagers, in a gun attack.

Despite the gravity of his crimes, Breivik, 42, is entitled under Norwegian law to apply for parole after serving a decade in prison of his 21-year sentence, and can reapply each year for a parole hearing.

The court that convicted him in 2012 found him criminally sane, rejecting the prosecution’s view that he was psychotic. Breivik did not appeal against his sentence