'I don’t think, I know': 马克龙指责斯科特莫里森在潜艇合同问题上撒谎——视频

埃马纽埃尔马克龙指责澳大利亚总理, 斯科特·莫里森, 就一项废弃的价值 900 亿美元的潜艇合同向他撒谎, 巴黎和堪培拉之间的紧张局势显着升级. ‘I just say when we have respect, you have to be true and you have to behave in line and consistent with this value,’ the French president said. When asked whether he thought Morrison had lied to him by not revealing Australia’s dialogue with the UK and US over the acquisition of nuclear submarines, Macron was direct in his response. ‘我不认为, 我知道'.

Video courtesy of Pablo Viñales