How to really help a casualised workforce

I am delighted that Gavin Williamson wants universities to tackle “an increasingly casualised workforce” (Universities in England favour cancel culture over quality, says Williamson, 9 September). Does this mean that he is in favour of better working conditions and proper contractual arrangements for lecturers? If so, could the government’s concern include care workers on zero-hours contracts and exploited supply teachers?

For once he seems quite switched on to the issues in the education sector by calling out the way in which some universities spend student loans on bureaucracy and marketing at the expense of more direct activity. If only this could be widened to the ways in which academy trusts utilise public funds. Would we at last see an end to excessive pay for some multi-academy trust bosses and more funding finding its way into the classrooms by increasing numbers of teaching assistants?
Yvonne Williams
Ryde, Isle of Wight




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