House speaker Nancy Pelosi tests positive for Covid-19

트럼프 행정부가 의회 의원 및 패널에 연결된 다른 사람들의 데이터에 비밀리에 접근하려는 시도는 대통령이 의회와 로버트 뮬러 특검에서 자신의 선거캠프와 러시아와의 관계에 대한 조사에 대해 공개적으로나 사적으로 떠들썩하면서 나왔다., 낸시 펠로시, has tested positive for Covid-19, a day after appearing unmasked at a White House event with Joe Biden.

Pelosi received a positive test result for Covid-19 and is currently asymptomatic, her spokesperson, Drew Hammill, said on Thursday in a tweet. He said she had tested negative earlier in the week.

“The speaker is fully vaccinated and boosted, and is thankful for the robust protection the vaccine has provided,” Hammill said.

Pelosi will “quarantine consistent with CDC guidance, and encourages everyone to get vaccinated, boosted and test regularly”, 그는 말했다.

The 82-year-old Democratic leader’s announcement came ahead of her weekly press appearance on Capitol Hill. The House is set to start a two-week spring recess.

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