Home Office must stop cruel deportations

Mark Nelson admits he made a mistake, grew cannabis, served his time and has not offended again (I’ve lived in Britain 22 years and have kids here – why am I being deported to Jamaica?, 13 Maggio). He’s a car mechanic and has children. He’s been here for decades. What good can deporting him possibly do, depriving his children of a father and putting him at risk? And for what? To pander to anti-immigrant noise? It’s wrong.

I’m trying to sponsor Ukrainian refugees but the Home Office is making that impossible; il Rwanda plan is wildly expensive and won’t work; Windrush is a stain on our country. It’s all cruel and unnecessary. Go to any hospital, care home, restaurant or building site and see how dependent we are on immigrants. We need a sympathetic system, not a dysfunctional Home Office. This random cruelty must stop now.
Diana Good

Two things strike me – how unfair and blinkered the initial decision to deport Mark Nelson was, and that the Ufficio a casa has the capacity to act quickly when it is at risk of being held to account.
Leatrice Bailey




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