Hidden cameras found in locker room of top German women’s handball team

German police are investigating after two hidden cameras were found in the locker room of a leading women’s handball team, the club said on Thursday.

TuS Metzingen, who play in the top-tier Bundesliga, said the cameras were found earlier this week. Metzingen said that an unnamed person who worked with the team is being treated by police as a suspect and their role with the club has been terminated.

“We won’t let something like this get us down – and the fact that the team wants to play handball again immediately is a very strong signal,” the team’s manager, Ferenc Rott, 前記. “During this difficult time, we received a lot of support from the police, the association and other teams.”

The women’s handball Bundesliga said in a statement that it was “shocked” by the find and that “we condemn this reprehensible behavior in the strongest possible terms.”

There was a similar incident in the same league last year when three cameras were found at another club, HL Buchholz 08-Rosengarten. The league said on Thursday that investigations in that case are still ongoing.