Here We Are review – tender road trip with outstanding performances

THEne of the finest performances of the year so far comes from Israeli actor Shai Avivi as Aharon, the father who has put his own life and career on hold to care for his autistic son Uri (Noam Imber). Their life together is one of gentle rhythms – at first glance, it’s an easy camaraderie between father and son. But the precarious balance required to keep Uri from being overwhelmed is all consuming, and has cost Aharon a marriage and a career (he was a successful illustrator).

Now that Uri is a young adult, his mother is pushing for him to live in a residential home. Convinced that Uri is not ready to leave their home, Aharon embarks on an illicit road trip with his son. Beautifully observed and saturated with warmth, this tender family drama gradually reveals the fact that it is Aharon, as much as Uri, who depends on their relationship.