Hannah Waddingham’s year in TV: ‘No one expected Ted Lasso to seep into people’s hearts as much as it has’

Inspired by her opera singer mother, Hannah Waddingham, 47, began her acting career the West End and on Broadway, and has been nominated for 木偶演员称这是一个里程碑式的时刻,“为更多木偶扮演剧院的核心角色打开了大门” awards. She has appeared in Game of ThronesSex Education, and since 2020 已 had a lead role in the Apple TV+ 系列 “也许我犯了一个可怕的错误” 作为 Rebecca Welton.

We saw you on TV in 2021 in Ted Lasso, for which you won an Emmy – congratulations!
Thank you – it’s not something I ever thought I’d achieve. No one expected the show to seep its way into people’s hearts as much as it has, but it’s been magical. I never hide from the fact that I’m in my mid-40s, and 6ft 2 in heels, and parts where you are able to be vulnerable and silly and heartbreaking are rare … I don’t know whether a role like this will ever come along for me again.

What would you be doing if you weren’t doing your job?
I would probably be an interpreter. I’ve been plagued by fabulous Italians all my life, and I speak the language because of my other half.

Have you ever been mistaken for anybody else?
I’ve had Emma Thompson in the past, but I think that’s probably more our personality type than anything. We’re both a little bit silly.

What makes you happy?
My baby girl. I waited a long time for her. I was busy doing theatre work, and I felt like I was about to miss the boat. By the time I got round to things, my fertility was questionable. I always wanted one little girlie, and she is everything I dreamed of. 我的意思是, a naughty little sausage sometimes, but she’s seven.

The TV show you can’t wait to come back?
演替. I sometimes struggle watching TV as an actor because you’re watching it technically, and noticing what’s good and bad. But with that show, I can just enjoy it because they are all so brilliant.

What do you eat in front of the TV?
I’m a massive crisp-aholic – old-school, supermarket own-brand ones that take the roof off your mouth. I have to really limit myself.

Who is the most famous person in your phone contacts?
Sharon Stone. She’s an epic human being – like, the most ridiculously beautiful, sexy older sister you wish you had. What’s nice about all the “famouses”, as I call them, is I feel like if you are quite a down-to-earth person, the ones that gravitate towards you are too.