Hancock, hypocrisy and the need for CCTV

In Mei, Boris Johnson told the Commons that the inquiry into how his government dealt with the coronavirus pandemic wouldn’t start before spring 2022. Johnson said: “We must not inadvertently divert or distract the people on whom we depend in the heat of our struggle against this disease” (Verslag, 12 Mei).

What a contrast with the announcement that the Department of Health and Social Care is to launch an investigation (Verslag, 27 Junie) into who leaked footage showing Matt Hancock in a clinch with his aide Gina Coladangelo. Announcing the investigation, the Northern Ireland secretary, Brandon Lewis, said that the department would try “to understand how this happened and to ensure this kind of situation can’t happen again”.

Funny how an investigation into a leak that exposed the hypocrisy of Hancock takes priority over an investigation into the government’s strategy to deal with a pandemic that has killed meer as 150,000.
Sasha Simic

I couldn’t agree more with Brandon Lewis when he says: “What happens in government departments can be sensitive, important and people need to have confidence that what is happening in a government department is something that allows government to be focused on these core issues.” All the more reason to have CCTV cameras in the offices of all ministers. Footage without audio will still enable more than sufficient privacy for all important and sensitive meetings.
Ashok Gupta
Richmond, Londen

Surely CCTV cameras in offices are there to highlight criminal practices and identify law-breakers. They assist in all areas of Westminster. Anyone attempting to nullify the recordings and attack the installation of CCTV in government buildings should be questioned by the security services. Perhaps a more robust review of the CCTV tapes in all Westminster offices by security forces would highlight other criminal activities. My only regret is that lack of morality cannot be a criminal offence.
Jim Martin
Monifieth, Dundee

It’s good to hear that the government is to investigate the leak of the CCTV footage. The person responsible should be warmly congratulated and rewarded for a significant contribution to the public good.
Dr Ken Vines
Yelverton, Devon

Following the resignation of Matt Hancock, we can all hazard a guess which popular BBC dance show will have been calling since Sunday morning. Given his recent behaviour, he seems more than qualified to take part.
Ian Grieve
Gordon Bennett, Llangollen canal

I suggest that 1% of us should clap on Thursday at 7pm, to give Matt Hancock the sort of support that he thought was sufficient for NHS staff.
Nick Broadhead

All this fuss over Matt Hancock’s unsavory goings-on. Does anyone else remember Alan B’Stard?
David Prothero
Harlington, Bedfordshire





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