Guardian Australia readers: who do you think is going to win the federal election?

With the polls tightening in the final days of the campaign, Saturday’s election is expected to be a close match.

Labor is desperately hoping the widespread anti-Morrison sentiment will be enough to deliver victory and polls suggest they are in front, but the party is still scarred by the experience of 2019, when polling pointed to an ALP win, only for its advantage to evaporate on the day.

For majority government, both parties will be aiming to secure at least 76 seats in the 151-seat House of Representatives.

Labor holds a notional 69 asientos, so needs a net gain of seven seats for a majority, but could form minority government if it wins just five. los Coalition holds only 75 seats after the defection of the United Australia party leader, Craig Kelly, to the crossbench, so also needs to win seats to maintain its majority.

Tell us who you think will win, as well as how many seats Labor and the Coalition will each secure, and which party will win in 10 key seats. There’s no prize for getting it right, but we’ll publish the winners (with permission).

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