Ground zero for gaming memes: 10 excellent video game TikTok accounts

ShelbyRenae – @shelbyrenaeyt
A Fortnite Twitch streamer and YouTuber, ShelbyRenae makes hilarious (and often very telling) TikToks focusing on her conversations with the strangers she plays with, mostly teenage boys who chuck out endless bizarre insults and gigantically inappropriate comments.

Leslee Sullivant – @famous_streamer
Sullivant is a veteran game developer who posts amusing and revealing sketches about life in the industry, from executive producers with really terrible ideas to the crappy way contractors are dealt with. A chilling insight into dysfunctional creative workplaces.

Alisha – @alishakins_
Mainly a Twitch streamer, Alisha makes brilliant little TikToks of her experiences playing Call of Duty: Warzone, providing a turbo-charged voiceover, complete with her own sound effects – mostly, “Pew, pew, pew! He’s dead!”

Play Leisure – @play_leisure
This Devon-based company refurbishes and sells classic arcade machines, and its TikTok channel shows off exciting new finds. The latest video shows the amazing full-size cabinet for Sega’s Let’s Go Jungle, designed to resemble an offroad truck. A wonderful nostalgia ride.

DKOldies – @dkoldies
Similar to the above, DKOldies is an online retro gaming store and its TikTok shows off interesting items from its vast stock including rare games, ancient consoles and weird controllers. I could scroll this for hours.

Komazawa Isolation – @kmzwisolation
A Japanese YouTuber who makes astonishingly accurate real-life reenactments of games such as Grand Theft Auto and Yakuza. His TikToks show off the highlights of his latest creations and they’re always wonderful.

Rosa Carbo-Mascarell – @moreelen
A veteran freelance game designer, Carbo-Mascarell posts fun, educational sketches about game theory and practice, and getting into the industry. I love the way she takes current TikTok memes and repurposes them to her subject-matter.

Junna – @nintendo.grl
A gamer, anime fanatic and cosplayer, Nintendo Grl posts TikToks about her vast collection of mangas and costumes, and her super kawaii gaming room. With more than 8m followers, she has the biggest gaming TikTok channel on the list.

Xbox and PlayStation official accounts – @xbox, @playstation
I’ve put these two together because they pretty much do the same thing: make daft memes based around their key game franchises – but in a not-insufferable way. Very few major games companies are currently active on TikTok in any meaningful sense. It says something that the only other games-related corporate account I follow is @kfcgaming.

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