Government’s callous approach to Covid deaths

I doubt whether your headline (Bring in measures soon or risk 7,000 daily Covid hospitalisations, Sage warns, 14 septiembre) will make any difference to the callousness shown by the government towards those dying from Covid every day.

Compared with the strict and effective approaches shown by other countries, it beggars belief that we are being told to “learn to live with Covid” when, since restrictions were prematurely lifted on 19 mes de julio, over 5,600 people have died and the death rate has now risen to almost 1,000 a week. There are a quarter of a million new infections a week, and we are being told that the effectiveness of the vaccinations is already beginning to wane and that booster jabs are now needed.

The UK has suffered the eighth worst death toll in the world, largely due to the prime minister’s ineptitude and arrogance, despite the NHS’s heroic efforts in vaccinating the population. Where is the duty of care towards those getting ill and dying from Covid, and their bereaved families and friends?
Giles du Boulay
Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire




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