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None of the famous musicians who chose their favourite Bob Dylan songs (24 할 수있다) mentioned Like a Rolling Stone, the single song that jolted a generation from acoustic cosiness into electric edginess. The track’s opening drumbeat still sends shivers down my spine 56 years later.
Toby Wood

“The university told the Guardian only two subjects – history and geography – would no longer be taught” … “‘Overall there has been very little change’, a spokesperson said” (London South Bank University staff sound alarm over drop in courses, 25 할 수있다). History and geography – time and space, the coordinates of the human condition!
Robin Milner-Gulland
워싱턴, West Sussex

Kenneth Ball asks how he can get included in either Other Lives or the Birthdays column (편지, 27 할 수있다). The answers he seeks are: 1) Die, but first make sure a friend will send in an obit on your behalf. If he is stuck for an obit writer, I don’t mind having a go; 2) Get famouser, while still alive.
Fiona Collins
Carrog, Denbighshire

Not to be forgotten on the road into Chester, the pub sign “Good food except Mondays” (편지, 27 할 수있다).
Bob Epton
Brigg, Lincolnshire

I once saw a board outside a pub in Scotland which bore the legend “Children served hot inside”.
Ian Arnott
Werrington, Peterborough

Last night I dreamed that the letters page was back to a pre-Covid double spread, but my letter had not been printed.
Penny Snook
Stubton, Lincolnshire




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