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None of the famous musicians who chose their favourite Bob Dylan songs (24 Mei) mentioned Like a Rolling Stone, the single song that jolted a generation from acoustic cosiness into electric edginess. The track’s opening drumbeat still sends shivers down my spine 56 years later.
Toby Wood

“The university told the Guardian only two subjects – history and geography – would no longer be taught” … “‘Overall there has been very little change’, a spokesperson said” (London South Bank University staff sound alarm over drop in courses, 25 Mei). History and geography – time and space, the coordinates of the human condition!
Robin Milner-Gulland
Washington, West Sussex

Kenneth Ball asks how he can get included in either Other Lives or the Birthdays column (Briewe, 27 Mei). The answers he seeks are: 1) Die, but first make sure a friend will send in an obit on your behalf. If he is stuck for an obit writer, I don’t mind having a go; 2) Get famouser, while still alive.
Fiona Collins
Carrog, Denbighshire

Not to be forgotten on the road into Chester, the pub sign “Good food except Mondays” (Briewe, 27 Mei).
Bob Epton
Brigg, Lincolnshire

I once saw a board outside a pub in Scotland which bore the legend “Children served hot inside”.
Ian Arnott
Werrington, Peterborough

Last night I dreamed that the letters page was back to a pre-Covid double spread, but my letter had not been printed.
Penny Snook
Stubton, Lincolnshire




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