Ghislaine Maxwell was present when Epstein abused me, accuser testifies

The first accuser in the child sex-trafficking trial of 기 슬레인 맥스웰 testified in court in New York on Tuesday. The accuser, who used the name “Jane”, alleged that Maxwell was sometimes present when Jeffrey Epstein abused her.

Epstein, a New York financier and convicted sex trafficker who counted Bill Clinton and Prince Andrew among his acquaintances, killed himself in the city in August 2019, while in jail awaiting trial for the transportation and abuse of minor teenagers.

Maxwell, 59 and the daughter of the late British press baron Robert Maxwell, was arrested in New Hampshire in July 2020.

Maxwell is on trial for six counts related to her alleged involvement in Epstein’s sexual abuse of minor teenagers. She has pleaded not guilty.

In the first full day of testimony, the prosecution first called Epstein’s former private pilot. Lawrence Paul Visoski Jr discussed Maxwell’s relationship with Epstein as he saw it, saying Maxwell was “No 2” in Epstein’s hierarchy, with Epstein “No 1”.

Visoski was asked by lawyers for Maxwell if he ever saw Epstein engage in sex acts.

"아니,”그는 말했다.

“You never saw sex acts with underage girls?”

“Absolutely not,”그는 말했다.

The witness identified as Jane was called second. She told the court she met Epstein in 1994.

“Did there come a time in your life when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein?” the prosecution asked.

The witness affirmed that there did.

The prosecution asked her age at the time.

“Fourteen years old," 그녀가 말했다.

“Did that happen once or more than once when you were 14 살이에요?” the prosecution asked.

“More than once.”

The witness was asked: “Was there ever anyone else in the room?”

그러나 비정형 진단을 받은 사람들은 '전통적인' 거식증으로 고생하는 사람들과 동일한 의학적, 심리적 합병증을 많이 경험합니다.,” Jane said.

The prosecution then asked: “Who was most frequently in the room when you had sexual contact with Jeffrey Epstein when you were 14 살이에요?”

“Ghislaine Maxwell,” the witness said.

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