Gaza hit by heavy airstrikes as UN warns of ‘uncontainable’ crisis


Israeli warplanes have launched what appeared to be the heaviest airstrikes yet on Gaza City since the conflict broke out a week ago.

The attacks rocked the city for 10 minutes and were more intense, covered a broader area and lasted longer than the raids 24 hours earlier in which 42 Palestinians were killed. Hamas has continued launching rockets from civilian areas in Gaza towards civilian areas in Israel.

Matthew McConaughey appears to be serious about running for Texas governor

Actor Matthew McConaughey is reportedly “quietly making calls” to influential political figures about a potential run for Texas governor.

According to a 报告 by Politico yesterday, the Dallas Buyers Club star, who was born in Uvalde, Texas, and lives in the state capital, Austin, is having conversations about “seriously throwing his hat in the ring”.

三月, the 51-year-old said that running for governor was “a true consideration” and last year he published an autobiography.

Narendra Modi is under fire over India’s catastrophic second Covid wave

The Indian prime minister, Narendra Modi, is facing tough questions as the country’s total coronavirus cases soar above 20 million and the official death toll exceeds a quarter of a million.

Earlier this year he had an approval rating of 80%, but now the Bharatiya Janata party (印度人民党) government led by Modi is confronted by unprecedented public anger, writes the Guardian’s south Asia correspondent, Hannah Ellis-Petersen.

Drivers say the ride-hailing app’s mileage rate from Los Angeles international airport was cut from 65 cents a mile and that it removed the multiplier option for them to set their own prices. “No driver in their right mind will go to LAX for 32 cents per mile,” driver Alvaro Bolainez told Michael Sainato, who reports on the impact on Uber and Lyft drivers of Proposition 22, a new law in California.

Courtney Cook writes about her experiences at La Europa, a residential treatment center for at-risk teenage girls in Utah, and the other young women she met there. She arrived when she was 13 and did a treatment program based on art therapy. “I didn’t, and still don’t, believe there is a possibility of a place more beautiful,” she writes in an excerpt from her forthcoming book.

Guardian readers in the US and around the world reflect on the pain and joy of becoming parents during a pandemic.

在 2005, a great white shark was tracked swimming all the way from South Africa to Australia and back again in pretty much a straight line – prompting scientists to believe they have a magnetic sense. Now researchers from Florida State University have 成立 that sharks have an internal navigation system similar to GPS that enables them to use the Earth’s magnetic forces to accurately find their way across long distances, reports Richard Luscombe. The discovery, published in the scientific journal Current Biology, was found by putting 20 bonnethead sharks through “magnetic displacement” exercises.

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