From the Gobbledok to Not Happy Jan: how well do you remember classic Australian ads?

一世t is a scientific fact that if you play Gheorghe Zamfir’s pan flute theme from Picnic at Hanging Rock around any Australian of a certain age, they will probably ask if you, 也, can smell Nescafe Blend 43 before they ever yell “Miranda!”.

Such is the power of a well-tuned ad campaign: there are catchphrases, lyrics, jingles and jokes embedded deep in the psyche of a nation, buried in the unconscious in the days when the whole family would gather around a chunky cathode-ray tube TV to catch the Saturday night movie.

Ever since Bruce Gyngell uttered those immortal words – “Good evening, and welcome to television” – whether we like it or not, there are ads that have become part of our collective identity.

If you’ve ever asked yourself “Why can I remember the Dick Smith ‘phone zone’ rap but not my my loved ones’ birthdates?” (just me?), your time has come. No prizes for top scores, but you just might find a fellow viewer in the comments to try out your most obscure “Does anyone remember that ad…?” upon.